Relocating to Sweden

Relocating to Sweden

Relocating to Sweden


Swedes love the nature

If you are relocating to Sweden you will pretty soon understand a couple of different things about swedes. For example a well-known national characteristic for Swedes’ is the love for the nature. Many Swedes like to spend their free time in the forest or by the sea, in fact every 3rd Swede actually owns a boat. In Sweden nature is really available to everyone as there is a right of common access which applies to all forests, fields, beaches and lakes across the country.

Företagsbostäder – prisvärt och bekvämt alternativ till hotell


Relocating to Malmö

The Öresund region attracts many companies and specialists and Malmö is no exception. Book business apartments for your temporary consultants in central Malmö or popular neighborhoods such as Södervärn, Limhamn or Västra Hamnen.

Malmö is a city known for its diversity and creativity. If proximity and flexibility are A and O for your consultants, business apartments in central Malmö are a perfect alternative. Of course, Sweden's third largest city also offers bustling public life, restaurants, bars and shopping. In addition to the proximity to Malmö Central Station, your staff also receive good train communications within Skåne, but of course also to Copenhagen and the rest of Europe. If you are relocating to Malmö we can help you with the process!


Relocating to Lund

The Öresund region attracts many companies and specialists. The academic city of Lund is no exception. Book business apartments for your temporary consultants in the central parts of Lund near Lund Central Station and Lund Cathedral. Lund is very close to Malmö and just 40 minutes from Copenhagen with commute.

The city of Lund is full of contrasts. Along picturesque cobblestone streets and old half-timbered houses, tradition and innovation are subtly included. Not only architecturally, but also in old and new institutions and companies that flourish in this city. It is said that you can live your entire life in Lund without having seen all the unique places and beautiful buildings. Lund also consists of scenic plains, with its enchanting beech trees and golden rape fields, where day trips are easily combined with the city's everyday life.

Företagsbostäder – Nya företagslägenheter i Lund
Nya företagslägeheter i havsnära Limhamn


Temporary housing for employees and consultants

Rent modernly furnished apartments for your employees and consultants and avoid unnecessary administration and hassle. The apartments are always located in nice areas with good communication and close to business areas.

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Contact us for available business apartments in Malmö and select one that suits your style and profile. Our services are uniquely tailored to match all kinds of corporate needs. And we guarantee that you will find the perfect furnished apartment in Malmö. You can also talk to us about your specific housing needs, and we will ensure you have a comfortable stay in Malmö.


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Malmö Corporate Apartments
Malmö Corporate Apartments

AffärsHem offers several attractive corporate apartments in Malmö. Our apartments are well located right in the heart of south Sweden, such that proximity and accessibility to major strategic landmarks in the center of the city, like the Central Station and Lilla Torg, is never a challenge. We also have apartments in Västra Hamnen, Värnhemstorget and Hyllie. With its excellent location near the train station, Hyllie is popular among our customers who have employees who often travel to Denmark and Copenhagen. The train to Kastrup Airport takes only 15 minutes and 30 minutes for central Copenhagen.

Emergency Hotline
Emergency Hotline

AffärsHem offers 24 hour efficient customer service, with a dedicated on-line service that you can call at any time during an emergency. Is something missing in the apartment you requested? Or is something broken? Please do not hesitate to contact us and we will resolve the matter. Just call us or send an e-mail and we will respond and fix in the shortest possible time. You can reach us at:

Phone: +46 40 26 55 00 Email:

Guest Pick Up
Guest Pick Up

We also offer exclusive guest pick up service. Whether you just arrived at the airport or you are at the city center, you can give us a call, confirming your location, and we will come to pick you up. All you have to do is inform us about your travel schedule and your arrival time.


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