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in Helsingborg

  • New corporate apartments in the most rapid growing part of Helsingborg
  • Close to the central station Knutpunkten


The Öresund region is growing

The Öresund region attracts many companies and specialists. The Helsingborg junction is no exception. Book business apartments for your temporary consultants in central Helsingborg and its surroundings.

In Helsingborg there are plenty of options for those who are craving to marvel at historical monuments, beautiful castles, wildlife or beautiful scenery. Or pack the beach bag and head to one of the city's centrally located beaches and bathing areas.

Företagsbostäder i Helsingborg
Ät och drick gott i Helsingborg


Eat and drink in Helsingborg

Helsingborg is one of Sweden's densest cities. The range is varied both in terms of food and atmosphere. From cozy creeps around Mariatorget, to salt-sprinkled restaurants with wonderful views of the strait, Helsingborg has something for everyone! There are also plenty of cozy cafes here and there are many opportunities for a tasty brunch. Perfect for those who like to dine out and mingle on the town!


Helsingborg continues to grow

If you need to rent a business home in Helsingborg, you can choose from fully furnished apartments that we offer. All business apartments are located in the central parts of Helsingborg. You are close to communications from all our apartments in Helsingborg, and they are fully equipped for self-catering. Here we hope that your employees and consultants will be able to feel at home and relax after the work day has ended. It is a big difference to come home to a homely apartment in the evening compared to checking in at a hotel or apartment hotel.

We want to make life easier for you as a customer of Business Home. Therefore, flexibility is important for us. Even if you do not know from the beginning exactly how long the accommodation in Helsingborg will be needed, it pays to contact us and we can help you further.

Helsingborg fortsätter att växa
Företagsbostäder – prisvärt och bekvämt alternativ till hotell


Because well-being is a success factor

With Enterprise Housing's overall concept, you can be sure that temporary staff and consultants get off to a good start in their new location, regardless of where in the host they come from.

  • Make yourself at home in fully equipped apartments
  • Cook your own food
  • Opportunity to invite family and friends home
  • 24-hour cleaning service


Recruit the best talent

It should not be difficult to find good, temporary apartments for staff. With business apartments you do not lose the competitive advantage for recruitment.

  • An agreement
  • Do not spend time on coordination and administration
  • Rent apartments by day, week or month
  • There is always the opportunity to extend contract
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Frequently asked questions

Most frequent questions and answers

How Do I Book an Apartment?

Visit our Contact Us page and fill out a short form to book an apartment. You can also call us at +46 (0) 40 26 55 00 or send us a mail through info@affarshem.seand we will respond to you immediately with a quotation and various apartment selections. You will receive a confirmation once you choose an apartment.

Can I Prolong My Stay or Terminate the Lease Earlier?

Yes, you can. We understand the place of flexibility in corporate matters, which is why we allow our clients the option to make adjustments when uncertain about how long they’ll stay. We also contact you before the end of your lease to ask if you wish to check out as scheduled or extend your stay.

How Long Is the Minimum Stay?

Although we serve clients looking at a long term stay in Sweden, the minimum stay is four (4) days. And the longer you stay, the less you pay.

How Many Persons Can Share a Corporate Apartment?

It depends on the size of the corporate suit you choose. We aim to help you lower your corporate travel and living expenses; which is why for our more spacious suites, we allow more than one person. And if you need an apartment for such purpose, we recommend the 3 room or 4 room apartments.

What Sizes of Corporate Suits Do You Offer?

Since we serve a variety of companies and businesses with diverse corporate needs, our apartments come in various sizes, from one-roomers to five-roomers with well-furnished living space, kitchen and more, all planned to suit your needs and requirements.


What If an Appliance or Something in the Apartment Breaks?

That’s nothing to worry about. All you need do is contact us and report the damage immediately, and we will gladly fix it. And if it is an emergency, call our emergency hotline at once, and we will respond promptly. It is our responsibility to ensure that you enjoy a safe and comfortable stay just as you would in a hotel, but better.

How is AffärsHem Corporate Housing Better than a Hotel?

Our corporate apartment is a cost-effective corporate housing solution. It’s not just a room lease, but a complete apartment, with more space and privacy. And by renting our corporate suite, you save up to 40% of how much you would have spent for a hotel room while enjoying similar comfort of a hotel, but at a lesser price. Plus, other amazing amenities that beat what a hotel can offer.

Do You Offer a Home Office Option?

Yes, we do, with cool office features and furniture like office desk & chairs, Wi-Fi connection, and more. You can also speak with us to customize home office requirements to suit your corporate needs.


Corporate Suites Befitting of
Your Style, Class, & Career

Malmö Corporate Apartments
Malmö Corporate Apartments

AffärsHem offers several attractive corporate apartments in Malmö. Our apartments are well located right in the heart of south Sweden, such that proximity and accessibility to major strategic landmarks in the center of the city, like the Central Station and Lilla Torg, is never a challenge. We also have apartments in Västra Hamnen, Värnhemstorget and Hyllie. With its excellent location near the train station, Hyllie is popular among our customers who have employees who often travel to Denmark and Copenhagen. The train to Kastrup Airport takes only 15 minutes and 30 minutes for central Copenhagen.

Emergency Hotline
Emergency Hotline

AffärsHem offers 24 hour efficient customer service, with a dedicated on-line service that you can call at any time during an emergency. Is something missing in the apartment you requested? Or is something broken? Please do not hesitate to contact us and we will resolve the matter. Just call us or send an e-mail and we will respond and fix in the shortest possible time. You can reach us at:

Phone: +46 40 26 55 00 Email:

Guest Pick Up
Guest Pick Up

We also offer exclusive guest pick up service. Whether you just arrived at the airport or you are at the city center, you can give us a call, confirming your location, and we will come to pick you up. All you have to do is inform us about your travel schedule and your arrival time.


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